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Balkan Advance Music Conference rises from the forgotten songs, destroyed music workshops, dead radio stations, to the new tomorrow

- this conference will present the unification of creators from the music and creative industries of the Balkans, the Mediterranean, and South East and New Europe with the tendency of positioning Sarajevo as an inevitable point on the road between the east and west blocks .


It is an opportunity for everyone who creates, contributes, and develops advanced music streams to attend, promote, and learn more about unprecedented stories related to advanced music in the Balkans and beyond. For this reason, this future platform is open to creators, authors, musicians, DJs, producers, promoters and other creative members of the creative industries who do not find the usual business, communication and networking methods enough.

Start Date
Thu, 25 Apr 19 00:00
End Date
Sat, 27 Apr 19 23:59

Age: 18+